Methanol Fuel to be Sold in Gas Stations Soon

Methanol fuel to be sold in gas stations soonThe first methanol fuel station is set to open in Bao’an; the fuel station was developed by Shenzhen Beike Energy Co. The methanol that will be sold in the stations will contain an additive called SM-X.

The SM-X fuel is said to be clean and environmentally friendly, since the sulfur content of methanol is only .0045 percent. This is .005 percent lower from the No. 97 gasoline that is currently being sold. An added benefit is that  each liter of methanol will be .5 yuan cheaper than gasoline.

Private cars use around 2,000 liters of gasoline every year. Using methanol fuel will save them 1,000 yuan a year. A taxi that uses methanol fuel can save 20 yuan a month. One company has already applied for a patent that will allow for methanol fuel production technology. Thus promoting sales of methanol fuel in private gas stations.

The secretary general of the Guangdong Petroleum Industry said, the association is planning promotions that will make and develop methanol fuel into an alternative energy. A national standard for methanol fuel will be issued in the near future that will facilitate the promotion of the fuel. Methanol promotion will be initiated in Guangdong which accounts for ten percent of the nation’s annual gasoline consumption.

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