What’s Happening to Shenzhen?

Shenzhen looks like it is falling to pieces. It is happening all at once. This is my 4th year in Shenzhen, and if I compare my first years to now, it has changed a lot. I am going to tell you now what is happening in Shenzhen.

Sea World used to be an amazing place. It was full of markets and restaurants. We could play games and ride on toy horses, but now there is construction everywhere. There are two humongous holes that they are making. They plan on getting the water from the sea to fill in the holes. It’s going to be a beautiful place, but for now it looks just like horrible destruction everywhere. They are planning to construct an enormous building beside the boat. It looks like they may even build swimming pools all around the new buildings. I hope we really can swim in them!

There is also construction at Costal Rose Garden and Bayside. They are breaking the entire sidewalk. I do not know why but they destroying and re-doing things that they just built not too long ago. They are breaking things that I think they do not need to break. Who knows what they are planning on doing in this area.

They finally finished the metro, and it is awesome. It is white everywhere and so clean you could eat off the floor. I wonder how long it will stay this way? It’s helpful for us because when we arrive to Shekou from the ferry, we can take the metro to go to Old Shekou or to Sea World. We are so glad they finished the metro because we were tired of hearing blasting noises all day long.

Outside of our French classroom, we can see that they doing construction, but we do not know what they are doing. One time, we thought that they were using dynamite to blast a big hole, but it was actually a real earthquake! Our English teacher taught us what to do if there is another earthquake. Fortunately, we did not have any more in Shenzhen.

I think that there are good things and bad things that the city does to try to expand Shenzhen and make it better. Overall, the city of Shenzhen is trying their best to make it a better place for foreigners and locals to live in. I’m excited to see what will be next.

Submitted By : Nolwenn Rouillon

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  1. It was awesome but I’m in QSI

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