White Horse Laboratories Week 17 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 17 Counterfeit Detection ReportWeek 17 Results

70% Accept 73% Pass

Week 17 once again saw gains in both physical inspection and electrical testing results. Condition quality improved to 70% acceptance in Week 17 from 59% acceptance in Week 16 and functional performance leapt from 52% in Week 16 to 73% in Week 17. It is not overly surprising, then, that a higher percentage of acceptable product resulted in the highest volume week to-date, as measured by value.

While continuing to follow the supply chain effects of the now rebuilding process in Japan, that a significant volume of product from Japanese OCM are being sourced, the general quality level of these products has been quite good, with no rejected product in Week 17. Will continue to monitor and report on that as the impact of the natural disaster will likely have a significant impact on the industry throughout the course of 2011.

Infineon IPD79N06L3G (Date Code 1026) -

100% failure – low breakdown voltage, V(br)dss, high drain current, Idss, high gate threshold voltage, Vgs(th), and high on-state resistance, Rds(on).

Infineon SAB80C166M (Date Code 0426) – 5% failure – open pins, short pins, and bad protective diodes.

Xilinx XCF02SVOG20C (Date Codes 0719) – 5% failure – ID error, poor pin contacts, and damage pins.

Texas Instruments UC2842D8TR (Date Codes 0902 & 0923) – 82% failure – low reference voltage (measured 4V and spec is 4.95-5.05V).

Xilinx XC4010XL-2PQ100C (Date Code 0525) – 6% failure – program error.

National Semiconductor VP1210N2 (Date Codes 0029 & 0032) – 100% failure – low on-state drain current, Id(on), high on-stat drain-source resistance, Rds(on), and high source-drain voltage, Vsd.

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