A Poem – Friendship

FriendshipI asked father, What is the friendship means? He said, A unique relationship, Word cannot express. I asked mother, What is the friendship means? She said, A wonderful feeling, You can find from someone.

I lost myself, I really cannot understand, Cause I am still a little boy. But one day, I think, I got something. That day I got sick, I do not want to say a word. He came to my house, Outside of my place was raining so hard, His wet all over his body. But when he saw me, He was so happy, He try to tell jokes to make me happy.

He read story with gentle voice to me, Although the jokes are not funny at all, Even if the story is not interesting, But I moved, By his concern. When I have trouble, When I feel lonely, When I am happy, When I find things funny, I always want to share with him.

Is that friendship?

We are friends, We quarrel but forgive each other soon, We say the same word at the same time. One day, at last I know that is the friendship I got from him. We help each other, We concern each other, We even share the same ice-cream together. The same book we read, The same candy we eat, The same movie we watch, We exchange ideas together.

Every time I am with him, Even he does not say a word, I know what he want to say. With him, Even only sit and watch TV, I feel happy. I know what father had said.I know what mother had said. I know in my deep heart, There is a bridge, Made us know each other, That is the friendship.

A wonderful and unique feeling  Word cannot express. The relationship Between each other, A friendship.

I like it.

Submitted by: Thoby Go ISNS Primary Student

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