Beginning of World War II

Beginning of World War IIFrance and Britain started prepare for the war on Germany which is the second time in one century.

After the World War I, Germany had another crisis because of the Treaty of Versailles. At this point, not even a century had passed after the supposed “War to End All Wars” had caused another war. Treaty of Versailles stated that ‘German army reduces to 100 000 troops, forbidden to have Air Forces…… Germany was forced to accept responsibility for starting war, Germany had to pay war reparations to France and Belgium for damages caused during the war……’[from Twentieth Century Viewpoints-Second Edition, Oxford Canada, page 58]

The Treaty of Versailles was not fair to Germany, and made things even harder for the country by adding more punishment. Usually, Germany has a lot of debts after the war. However, France did not consider these cases and made Germany pay all the reparation for the war. Also, Germany was not the only one who began the war; there were a lot of other causes for World War I, such as nationalism, system of alliances, and arms races.

Germany was in panic after the World War I; everyone was working for the country but no one was earning any money. So in Germany there were some new beliefs coming out like Marxism, which desired equality for all. However, fascists in Germany were afraid that communism will take over Germany, so the National Socialist German Workers Party [Nazi] came up.

Soon, Hitler became the leader of Germany, and persuaded Germans to go against the world. Hitler was a great speaker, but during that period German civilians did not have a definite thing to depend on. So they all trusted in Hitler and the war began.

Soon Germany invaded Poland without any warning or declaration of war. Germany used tanks, infantry and cavalry to invade Polish land with a total of 1.5 million armies. They also used Air Forces to bomb Poland. They attacked the cities of Katowice, Krakow, Tczew and Tunel with bombs.

Germany penetrated through Poland not in one try: They sent 50 Air Forces every thirty minutes! Then the German armies passed through Slovakia, East Prussia and Pomerania into the Polish Corridor and Port of Danzig.

After this chaos, U.S. President Roosevelt sent an appeal to the governments of Europe and encouraged them not to launch their air attacks on civilians.

These things all happened so suddenly that the other countries could not do anything about it. However, there was a warning sent to Germany. Germany was warned that unless the NAZIS withdraw, France and Britain will support Poland and declare war with Germany.

Unfortunately, German did not accept the idea and two days later, France and Britain declared war on Germany. There were some speeches and warnings made by radio broadcasting. This was the beginning of World War II. The causes of the war did not come in only one moment or one month. Indeed, it was from the vengeful attitudes rooted in years of history.

Submitted by: Jae Hyuck Chang ISNS Secondary Student

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