Falling into the Future

Falling into the FutureSuddenly my eyes blurred, the world started spinning, my heart raced as if it is jumping out, I couldn’t breathe, then it all blacked out……

Blazing sunlight beamed into my eyes as I struggled hard to open them, I freaked as I looked at my watch, 3:30am? October 20th? Year 2036? Questions filled my brain, the last time I checked my watch it was October 19th 2011, did I sleep this long? Or is it……TIME TRAVEL! As soon as I figured it out I jumped with extreme excitement and a suddenly rush of energy filled my body. With a curious mind I began to journey across the plain, but something hit me, isn’t it 3:30am? Why is the sun so bright?

While I was concentrating on the question two penguins appeared out of nowhere. They were so tiny and so thin, and looked as if they are exhausted. Then, one of the penguins suddenly fainted, I quickly ran up to help it, but it already died of hungriness. As I was still trying to help the dying penguin the other poor little creature stared at me with its sorrowful eyes, I could feel how depressed it was, but I know, it was too tired to

keep on going. This also gave me the answer to that question, “this is Antarctica!” I thought. I stood there, dumbfounded, feeling complicated and uneasy.  The entire land is plain and white, not a living creature can be seen. There is a deadly sense in the cool thick air, and the skies are covered with smoky grey clouds. Our environment was totally damaged, and far in the horizon I saw large areas of blue, without thinking I knew that it is water. This is probably one of the only parts left of Antarctica. I couldn’t understand what humans did to our beautiful mother Earth, it has turned into the hell of all living organisms in a short time of 25 years.

I started marching around the enormous piece of “ice-land”, trying to find other people. Two hours later I made no progress, and after another two hours I finally gave up, with a sigh I sat on the icy ground and started studying the shirt I was wearing. It is strange how I wasn’t wearing the one I was wearing before I slept, or maybe it wouldn’t be so weird if I say 25 years ago. All of a sudden a giant shadow covered me, I didn’t need to think for I saw it’s a giant caterpillar’s shadow.

Wait, a caterpillar in Antarctica? But there was no time to hesitate for it roared in anger. With the mysterious question in my mind I dashed across the ice, I know that I can’t overrun a giant caterpillar, but if there is the slightest hope I still went for it. Unexpectedly, the creature did not chase after me, using its furious fangs, it dug a gigantic hole on the ground and that was when I realized, there is green under the ice!

At once I understood. Global warming caused all of this; green house gases caused the Earth’s atmosphere to turn so thin that the sunlight got stronger which made Antarctica and the Arctic melt, and global warming for some strange reason also makes the number of caterpillars grow. However, why is there ice, or things like ice everywhere? I was too focused on the mystery, yet I didn’t realize a giant tank drove behind me. I froze as a robot wearing a military uniform on the tank commanded: “Freeze”.

“Where are you from? Why are you at this place?” The robot demanded.

“I am from China, and I am…from the world…25 years before now, I…I…I woke up to find myself here, p…p…probably time travel or something.” I replied in a weak, shivering voice.

I heard the robots mumble amongst themselves, but none of the words were clear. After, one of the robots instructed: “Leave, this is the battlefield.” “What? Battlefield? Is this World War Three or something?” But the fierce machine already disappeared. My mind started to faint, “How did I get in all of this? The future is just full of danger! First, global warming; second, the giant caterpillar; and now I just got involved with World War Three! Robots driving tanks around!” I spoke to myself.

Before I realized what was happening, gunfire and missiles, which are aiming at opposite sides, surrounded me. I ran and jumped and ducked and crawled and sat like a stone and by doing anything, I tried to escape this nightmare. “World War Three!” I screamed as I tripped and fell to the ground. Then my vision fainted, and the missiles headed towards me. However, just at that moment, my eyes blurred, the world started spinning, my heart raced as if it is jumping out, I couldn’t breathe……But this time I was happy, for I knew exactly what was happening, I am finally going home, and as I used the last little bit of my strength I cheered, and it once again blacked out.

To tell the truth, I had never expected a Tyrannosaurus Rex to look straight into my eyes when I woke up after that, but surprisingly it was what happened. Luckily I did survive the dino-world and now, as you can see, I am happily writing my unbelievable experience in my cozy warm home.

Submitted by: Tiger Wong ISNS Secondary Student

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