FriendshipIt is time to went to the playground and I went to play. I was on the slide, I saw a girl then I wanted to be her friend. I asked her “ Can I be your friend?”. And she said “ Yes, you can play with me” . I asked “ What is your name?” , she said my name is Amanda.

She asked my name and I said I am Coco. After we talk together, We played game name “ GATE”. Amanda is the people who catch us, she ran very fast and she fell down. I ran to Amanda, she didn’t cry, I began to think, We can not play running game any more. So we played some game without running. We played with Lily and Liel, Liel is the catcher and when the bell ring, we went back to our classroom, then we did the Math test.

Teacher said some words then we need to wrote the words down on our little notebook. After the test we learned something new, about Canada coin,after we learned we started to ate, after eating we went to the playground again. Amanda asked play with me, we play many interesting game and forget the time. The bell ring as the same time as we didn’t want to played anymore. We both backed to us classroom.

“ Bye Coco”

“ Goodbye Amanda”

This is my friendship, I love all of my friends special is Amanda.

Submitted by: Coco Xiao ISNS Primary Student

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