FriendshipI have a friend in Australia. Her name is Clare. We went to the same school and played every day. We loved to play tag. Day after day the time ran fast. Then I moved to Beijing. In the first month of my study in Beijing, I didn’t know many Chinese words and I had no friends. But at the end of the year I learned many Chinese words. I have many friends in the school and they all like me. Many friends came to my birthday party.

We made pizza, birthday hat and toys. Then I moved to Shenzhen. My friends miss me very much when I leave Beijing. Sometimes I dream I am still playing games with my old friends. At the first day in the new school – ISNS, I was scared because teachers are speaking English. Soon I am happy because the teachers are very nice. I made a new friend in the classroom. He is sitting next to me. In the first class of Math, The boy was in my group.

We know each other. He is always smiling and I like smile too. Making friends is very hard. But if you make one friend, your friend may bring another friend. And keep going you may have many friends! I hope all my friends can come to Shenzhen. Some of them speak English and others speak Chinese, but I can speak both so we can play games together and we will be very happy.

I will go around the world when I grow up. I want to be a scientist. I want to make some things like Jobs that will be very fun! I will make many friends so we can work together. If we can make some good things we will be very happy!

Submitted by: Yolanda Sun ISNS Primary Student

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