FriendshipDo you have a friend before? What is friendship? for me. Friend is like a partner.

A friend can help me. If I’m reading a book and I can’t understand the words she will help me to read and spell. She makes my ideas more special. Also I can help her to make sure she is safe. If somebody is bully I can run with her. Then I will say to bully “stay away from us.” Makana and I was far from us. Now you knew “you can’t run” away without together. You need to run away to big bad bully and also you need to run away with your friend.

I have friend who’s from Japan. Her name is Makana. Also she gave me a old small pencil. She is kind to me very much. She likes to play the game called horse but I don’t like to play but Makana like it, so play that game. We are in same classroom. Also she is in grade one and also I’m in grade one last grade. She has beautiful long hair. And she is beautiful. She likes to play tag. Makana wants Shawn to be catcher. But Shown doesn’t want to be catcher. Also shown is scared of Makana and me. Friend need to be kind because if you bad to your friend your friend don’t want to be your friend. If also I have another friend, her name is Liel She is girl a She is from Israeli.

I have another friend. But she likes to play with Shannon. So I don’t play with her. Then so I play with Makana. I was sad because she don’t play with me.

So I can Say, it’s best to have a friend. Because it’s makes we happy and I can play with my friend.

If I don’t have friend I don’t have friend to play. I will be lonely. Then you can be friendship. When I’m mad my friend can help me to be happy. If somebody he art your friend you need comport to your friends. And that’s makes me very happy. When I was is Kindergarten I don’t have any friends. Some said, “I am tiger.” I feel sad because I always be tagger before. That’s why we to kind to your friends.

Submitted by: Lily ISNS Primary Student

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