FriendshipIn a small village of Anshan, Carls. The cat has four friends.  They lived near each other.  They meet everyday in the park.  In the park are golden apple tree.  One day, Carls said, “All the golden apples are mine.”  She started picking and collecting several baskets, no one dares to get, Carls said.  “I will be the one to share with you, one of her friend said, “You have to share, if not, we will never be your friend again.”

For a weeks, Carls’ friends never show up.  Carls went to far places to look for her friends, but could not find them.  While all her golden apples got rotten.  When Carls went to the park,  she saw the golden apple trees are just starting to bear fruits.  While waiting for the golden apple to grow and get ripe, everyday she is so sad waiting for her four friends and hoping to see them but they never showed up.  She went to the park again to take a look at the golden apple trees.  It seems they are not getting bigger, which Carls is waiting for the golden apple to get ripe to pick them.

After weeks past, she went to the park again, she saw that all the golden apple are gone.  She is waiting and hoping that one day she will again see her old time friends.  She went home and kept thinking what is her mistake.  As days go by, she had no friends and she had no golden apples.  As she sat down in the park thinking deeply on what is happening to her life, a cat passed by but they do not know each other.  This new friend ashed her,  “friend, why are you sad?  Anything I can help you? Carls said,” I lost all my friend and also I don’t have any golden apples left with me, because they are rotten.

Golden apples are my favorite fruits.  Her new friend is Cayden.  He told Carls.  If you have something.  Learn to share with others, because to share is to love.  One day, Carls four friends passed by her house, and she befriend them again.  She shared with them what she had.  They got surprise on what she was doing.  They loved her and be her friend again.

Submitted by: Khurt Hehgel T. Go ISNS Primary Student

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