FriendshipFor my understanding, friendship is the relation between you and your friend, you should be nice and kind to your friends, share your interest, help each other, care for each other, don’t fight and trust each other, just like me and my friends.

My friendship with Dennis is when I start to play “Plants VS Zombies”. I start to play with him on the computer. He always is player 2 and mostly wins. We also share our favorite books like “Beast Quest”, and I lent him my “Plants VS Zombies Almanac” once.

A friend should help each other like when they are bulled or hurt. I only help my friends and pears when it’s an emergence, but I always help my best friends. For example when Dennis fall into a spike weed I help him up.

You should care for your friend not to be a bully or be bullied. If you don’t, they will get into big trouble and they might blame you.

Don’t ever fight with your friends because you will loose a best friend, you are going to get hurt and into trouble.

Friendship also means you should trust your friends, but I can’t always trust my friends very well because they joke around. However, sometimes I think I could trust them.

I learn lots from my experience and the computer about friendship. I think sharing is the most important because you can make friends by sharing stuff with them. Just like me, I make friends through sharing games and books. I wish I would make more friends by trusting and helping and keep my friendship forever.

Submitted by: Albert Xu ISNS Primary Student

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