FriendshipThere are many ways to have good friendship, like friends helping each other, playing and caring about others. But if we have bad friends, they might tease you.

My good friends are Eva, Kelly, Annie, Anmy and lots of others. I like to play with them because they care about other people, and we have similar interests.

Eva is my first friend I had in Taiwan’s elementary school. She played with me every day in school. Eva is a nice friend of mine even now. When I fell down on the play ground, she helped send me to the school nurse and the nurse said I needed to go to the hospital. Eva helped me pack up my backpack. She was so helpful but I needed to come to Shenzhen, so we could only play together about one and a half year.

After I came to Shenzhen I went to SAIS. I met Kelly and Annie when I was third grade. They are from Korea. We also played together every day. One time Annie came to my house and slept over night. I taught her how to play the skate board but she still couldn’t balance herself. We also went skating together once on holiday. It’s so fun to play with her. Kelly can only speak a little bit of English, so sometimes we used our body language to send messages to each other.

Because the school SAIS didn’t have an athletic track so we moved to ISNS. Anmy is my best friend at ISNS. We tried to hit volleyball over the tall fence. I only hit twice over the fence, and Anmy hit a lot of times. Anmy is a good hitter.

I miss the wonderful time when we played and learned from each other. I wish I could still keep-in-touch with my friends in different schools by sending e-mail. Friendship is very important.

Submitted by: Sandy Chen ISNS Primary Student

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