FriendshipI have a friend named “Albert”.

We always play together.

We play a tag, a card game, and many other things.

He loves snake and zombies.

So, I have read many books about snakes and have played games about zombies.

It’s interesting to play with Albert.

Sometimes, however, we fight and get into big, Big, BIG trouble.

At first, we play the fool to each other.

Then, we become angry.

I think that he turns into my enemy for that time.

We keep staring at each other for a while.

By the next day, I or he apologizes because we want to play together again.

It’s definitely fun to play with him!

I think friendship is a tight rope between you and your friends, which allows you to be friends for long time.

I think that friendship is a SHIP that you and your friends take to understand each other.

If you know more about your friends, more friendly they become.

Submitted by: Dennis Na ISNS Primary Student

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