Friendship Is Wonderful!

Friendship Is Wonderful!Did you ever think about what it would be like if there were no friendship between friends? Oh, I think it will be awful! There are different amount of friendship between you and your friends. The more you have, the more you are closer with your friends. Friendship is something between friends. Some qualities that I think are friendship are encouraging, trusting, helping, having fun, treating friends the way you want to be treated and having tough times.

Encouraging is one of the qualities. When your friend gets low marks, you can encourage them by saying nice things. You can help them study or teach them how to do it.

Helping is another quality. If your friend is being bullied or if they have a problem, you can help them. You can share problems too! Always be polite when you help! Sometimes, people go “Stop crying, you cry baby!”and they think they’re helping. No way! You have to help in a polite way without getting people’s feelings hurt.

Having fun is also part of friendship. Playing is one way to have fun. When you play, you have to play fairly. It means not to be bossy. For example, a person is the boss and the other one has to listen to him or her is not playing fairly. You have to take turns. If both of you want to ride something, you have to take turns, so everybody gets to ride what they want.

When you treat friends, you have to treat the way you want to be treated. One way is to respect them. Do you want others to respect you, be a good listener to you and help you solve problems with you? If you do, that’s how you should treat your friends.

Trusting each other is another part of friendship. If you think your friend is suspicious, I don’t think you’re going to have a good time. You should trust them that they are safe people , they won’t steal and they won’t put you in trouble.

I think tough times are also a part of friendship. Friends fight sometimes. When that happens, you can honestly tell how you feel in a nice way.

Now, I will tell you about my story about friendship. She was my best friend in school. Suddenly when I turned grade 4, she didn’t speak to me and ignored me. I wrote her a letter saying that if I had any problems please write me back my problem. I hoped she would write me back but she didn’t. If it was real friendship I thought she would write me back.

It is a true story that happened to me. I hope you know what friendship is now!!

Submitted by: Ann Choi ISNS Primary Student

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