Tears of Mother Nature

Tears of Mother NatureOur Mother Nature is sick and dying. The forests are shrinking, water is becoming scarce, and the animals are disappearing. The lands are drying, the rivers are flooding, and the air is being polluted. Meanwhile, our Earth is suffering a high fever. The temperature has risen above it’s comfort zone and North Pole and South Pole have already started to melt. Animals have lost their home and rise in the ocean level is now threatening us. Our planet is seriously imperiled by climate change.

Not surprisingly, we have caused this to happen by trying to evade our responsibilities for our behaviors. The exhaust fumes from vehicles have covered over the starry sky, the oil and garbage have turned the ocean into a toxic potion, and animals have turned into a brand-name bag at the hands of dealers. Moreover, the flattened trees have turned the lush green fields into a bleak desert and the ruthless exploitation of minerals and other natural resources has made a huge unquenchable hole in the heart of the Earth. Nevertheless, we never tried to listen to our Mother Nature.

Our Mother Nature is trying to tell us that she is hurt and sick. She is asking us to stop and crying for help. But because our eyes are blind and we have deaf ears, we couldn’t see nor could we hear her cries for many years. She keeps sending warning after warning, but no one understands the expression of her pains. But now, we must listen to her and learn to share the tears of every living things, even the teardrops of melting ice. That is to say, we need to change and learn to tune with Mother Nature. Then gradually, we will be able to turn the tear into an ice flower again.

Submitted by: Sylvia Choi ISNS Secondary Student

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