What Do You Think a Friendship Is?

What Do You Think a Friendship Is?What do you think a friendship is? I think a friendship is a relationship between two or more friends which they help and support each other. If you have someone`s friendship, he or she is your friend. It means she or he is not your peer but, friend! Now do you know what is the difference between a friend and a peer? A peer is like your mate for example classmate.

However, a friend is there`s love for each other. He or she might be younger or older than you but, if you love them, he or she can be your friend. Friendship can be a relationship between two countries or animals or else… I think some people don`t understand so now I`m going to tell you about two stories of friendship.

The first story is about a person. It start with like this.” There was a person who named Tom. He stole some delicious foods from rich houses. He was caught and then went to the jail and he should die. Since he missed his mother so much so he said he wanted to go to see her before he die. But the king thought he was lying so Tom`s best friend, Andy should be in a jail to replace him until he came back. However Tom didn`t come back. So his best friend, Andy should die. Andy said wobbly “Ok, I`m going to die for my best friend, Tom.” That time Tom was at the door and he saw his best friend was in front of the sharp swords. Then Tom shouted “Stop killing my friend!” The king was dazed and impressed because it was like a movie. The king thought if he was Tom, he would be sad that he lost his best friend. So he didn`t kill the two lovely best friends. Then Tom didn`t steal any food from anybody. And he worked hard with his best friend, Andy. They lived happily together.” Isn`t it happy?

The second story is funny. It is about an animal that called Lizard. “There was a Lizard but that Lizard`s tail was stuck in the nail. It bled and bled until the Lizard became weak. Lot`s of people said nobody could help him because many people were scared because they thought the Lizard would bite them. One year later, he was still alive. Do you know why? Because of his friend! His friend gave him some foods. So he could still live. And the two Lizards lived happily at their house forever. This story is funny, right?”

So I think a friendship is something to like and love each other. A friend is important because you can`t live without love. So we should have many friends. Now I have two questions. What do you thinks a friendship is? Do you think a friend is important? Yes, for sure! I want you guys to have many friends, so when the day comes you need help, you can count on them.

Submitted by: Seo Yun Hwang ISNS Primary Student

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