Wianbu; unhealed clots still remain on 67 women’s hearts

Wianbu; unhealed clots still remain on 67 women’s hearts“Wianbu” mean women who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military as a countermeasure when there was an anti-Japanese sentiment spreading throughout China during World War II, after Japanese massacred Chinese women in Nanjing. Their main purpose was that they forced women to serve soldiers sexually. If women refused or disobeyed they physically abused or killed.

“I was told from a military officer that if I serve Japanese emperor sincerely, I can get better treat.” told Ms. Jung, one of the survived. She also mentioned she was forced to sexually serve 10 to 30 soldiers every day.

“After pregnancy, The Japanese removed my uterus. I couldn’t have child from since then. Moreover that year, a soldier killed 15 women in front of us, who did not raise their hand after he asked ‘who can serve 100 of soldiers?’ They did such things to threaten us and make an example. Also they make us naked and ordered to roll on the plank full of nails.”

Despite of absolute unspeakable inhumane crimes to innocent women, the way of seeing the truth seems quite different between victim and offender. Wianbu victims have requested sincere official apology from Japanese government. But, the Japanese government is still avoiding the truth and says that Korean women volunteered to do this. They refuse to compensate victims. A politician comments “Wianbu is just a whore. So we don’t need to apologize to these whores.”

So far, the rope is still on held from both sides.

However, the situation is clearly contrasted with the case of other countries who committed crimes during the WW II, such as Germany. During the war, Germany caused the Holocaust which has lots of similar elements a deeply hurt many people. But, they did not make the situation like this.

The Biggest difference is that German apologized in public to the victims. In contrast, the Japanese government has been trying to distort the history by offering fake history educational resources to schools. Also, the Japanese government announced that they are paying 99 yen per person who worked in the battle field as Wianbu volunteered for the job and they are saying that they legally pay by the rate on that time. 200,000 girls died from the war and their life was only worth a dollar.

Since January 8th 1992, Wianbu victims have been doing Weekly demonstration in front of Japanese embassy. It’s been going on for almost 18 years and many Wianbu victims passed away. Before all of Wianbu victims are gone with sad history, Japan must admit their fault and make a formal apology to the victims. Maybe, this could be the first step of Korea and Japan’s real international neighbor ship. It is time we take the situation seriously. We cannot let this misery go away as another unfortunate page of history.

Submitted by: Eulee Kwon ISNS Secondary Student

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