Golf Specific Fitness – Rotational Strength

Golf Specific Fitness - Rotational StrengthHere we have Part 3 in the series on Tiger Woods – We last left off on Tigers’ Fitness and how his fitness has improved his Golf Game.

Training Golfers to become better athletes has become a passion of mine. I would like to continue this series and lead into another – Golf Fitness. In this series i will show and discuss some movements i have the golfers perform to address different areas of their game, these include:
Core strength
Cardiovascular endurance
General Muscle strength
Joint mobility
Spinal mobility
Sensory awareness
Nutrition and hydration
Weight shifting
Soft tissue mobility

In this article we will look at developing rotational strength.


To produce an effective strong swing a golfer needs strength in their core rotation. During the initial takeaway and at the top of the back swing your body rotates generating energy to that side to snap with force during the initial downswing and impact. A strong rotation means strong impact.


To develop any kind of core strength the muscles of the torso need to be exercised.
The torso, is made up of:
1.    The rectus abdominis.
2.    The external obliques
3.    The internal obliques,
4.    The transverse abdominus,
5.    The quadratus lumborum, and
6.    The spinal erectors.

There are four basic ways the torso musculature can work. They flex and extend the spine, laterally flex the spine, rotate the trunk, and act as stabilizers.
A strong torso has nothing to do with a six pack-that is a result of low body fat.
The torso’s real role is to transfer force, produce power, link lower body to upper, and stabilize.
It is the center of all body movement. The stronger the torso the more efficient the movement.

The core muscles are constantly challenged in most sports. As the kinetic link that transfers force started by feet throughout the entire body, the core are particularly active in all rotational movements and trunk-flexion activities. Golfers should pay special attention to the abdominal region and focus on executing midsection moves with precision. Once sufficient abdominal strength is achieved, golf athletes should consider doing core exercises explosively against resistance (assuming momentum is controlled). How to effectively achieve this with regards to rotational strength will be shown below.

Sit upright on an exercise mat with a weighted Dumbbell or Medicine Ball, bend your knees and twist your torso holding the ball tight. Twist your torso from side to side focusing on tight contractions on either side as you rotate.

Do 2 sets of 20 reps

This directly targets your rotational muscles, developing strength in your core rotation.

Stay tuned for future articles on Golf Specific Fitness

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