Establishments Find it Hard to Ban Smoking

Establishments find it hard to ban smokingEven with the new law that bans people found smoking in public establishment was announced May 1, business operators are still finding it hard to prevent smokers from lighting up inside their premises.

Most of these establishments cannot comply with the new law because they fear that they will lose customers when they start banning smoking. One restaurant manager said if they start to ban smoking in their premises, a huge problem arises. When the restaurant bans smoking in the premises, customers tend to find places that allow smoking and eat there instead.

Bars and clubs are facing the same problem, customers usually stay in booths and even when staff remind them about the smoking ban, they are not always around to check if the customers are following the rules. Since most of the customers do not listen, many find it useless to tell them about the smoking ban. Internet cafes is where you find the most smokers, since it is filled with students that tend to smoke heavily. Most students find it difficult not to smoke, especially when they are playing games for hours. These places are packed around midnight the place gets filled with smoke easily.

A lot of people find banning smoking too unrealistic, since most people need to go to designated smoking areas and leave there things unattended and risk having them stolen, so many of them opted to just smoke inside and risk the chances of getting caught. These problems must be solved first so people can smoke and not bother people that don’t smoke. The city health department admits that they find it hard to ban smoking in public places, although they were successful in banning it in supermarkets, hospitals, commercial buildings and other public places. Problems still arisein bars and restaurants due to a lack of supervision.

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