White Horse Laboratories Week 19 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 19 Counterfeit Detection ReportInspection: 85% Accept   79% Pass

Week 19 Analysis

Physical Inspection acceptance rates climbed again in Week 19 to 85% from Week 18′s 67%, a high for the year. Electrical testing results dipped a point to 79% on record volume for the year, up 98% from the previous week.

This marks the fifth straight week of a general upward trajectory in product quality. This is consistent with what we have seen as a trend in the market – buyers becoming more knowledgeable of the measures and methods required to identify substandard and counterfeit electronics, and the penalties becoming more severe for delivering those products to an end-user.

In my opinion, the highest risk devices are still both passive and active discrete devices, such as capacitors and transistors.

National Semiconductor L117K (Date Code 1003) - 6% failure – reference voltage above 2V or below 9mV.

Intersil (Date Codes 0309 & 0336) – 18% failure – uncharacteristic waveforms.

TDK 32167R1E475T (Date Code 1051) – 100% failure – low capacitance.

Fujitsu MB90F352PRM-S (Date Code 0931) – 100% failure - blank-check and program  verify errors.

Maxim MAX187ACWE (Date Code 1039) – 65% failure – digital data output does not change at all input levels.

Freescale MF374 (Date Code 0915) – 100% failure – low breakdown voltage, V(br)dss.

Infineon SAF-167CR-LMHA (Date Codes 0508 & 0514) – 60% failure - open/short pins and bad protection diodes.

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