12 Laws of Fat-Burning Training Rule 9

12 Laws of Fat-Burning Training Rule 9AVOID FAST CARBS PREWORKOUT

When you exercise, the body releases a fat-liberating messenger called epinephrine, which attaches itself to fat cells and allows fat to be burned as fuel. And, you guessed it, carbohydrates come into play here. Refined carbs consumed before training suppress this process and hinder the rise in epinephrine compared to eating the same amount of slower-digesting carbs.

Refined carbs also boost insulin (the hormone responsible for fat retention) levels, further hampering fat-burning during the workout. Bottom line, avoid refined carbs altogether before training.

Do This: Fifteen to 30 minutes (or less) before training, consume 20 grams of protein powder in a whey shake or other protein powder source and 30-40 grams of carbohydrates to help you train hard all the way through your workout. Stick with slow-digesting carbs here, such as oat bran, oatmeal, rye or whole-wheat bread, fruit or sweet potatoes. On non-workout days, eat that meal as a snack and drop your post-workout feeding.

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  1. Great question Dan!

    Well it goes with out saying that processed sugar should be avoided. We all enjoy something sweet every now and then and if your diet throughout the week is 80-90% clean then a treat is well deserved.

    Here is a simple guideline to remember with carb choices:

    Think of complex carbs and simple carbs as two different kinds of puzzles. You have the 5,000 piece puzzles that take a few days to complete then you have the simple kids puzzles that are 10 pieces or less.

    Simple sugars are like the 10 or less piece puzzle. These foods are digested quickly in your system and with this quick digestion causes a release in a fat retaining hormone. Uh oh …

    Now complex carbs are like the 5,000 piece puzzle. They are packed with micro-nutrients and you body digests these foods slowly causing little or no rise in your fat retaining hormone levels.

    Foods that are processed are obviously simple and have been broken down and nutrients have been taken out. Natural whole foods are more complex and are the foods we should all be eating.
    An example is white rice over brown rice. Which one is more refined and processed? Or white bread and brown bread is another example.
    Simple carbs do have their place and can be used to help the body transform – See Rule 8. But remember the above as a simple guideline. When looking at a carb food source as your self if it’s a 5,000 piece puzzle or 10 piece puzzle.

    John Graham

  2. Hey John, what are some of the ‘fast’ carbs that I should avoid? You mean like rice or white bread kind of thing?

  3. Nearing the end of the series on Fat-Burning!
    I hope everyone has found these articles helpful and are getting ready for the beach!

    John Graham

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