Daily themed corner & healthy food for lunch buffet at The Grand Mercure Hotel

Welcome to Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Shenzhen for tasting different flavors of food. You expect special dishes about “Daily themed corner & healthy food for lunch buffet” from Jun 1st to Sep 30th are coming.

Monday : Chinese BBQ
Braised duck Boiled chicken with ginger BBQ pork with syrup

Tuesday: German food
Crispy pork knuckle with bread dumpling
Bavarian sausage with sauerkraut
Breaded veal escalope with sliced tomato, basil and cheese

Wednesday: Vegetarian
Chickpea and vegetable curry Ratatouille
Steamed spinach ball with garlic sauce

Russian cuisine
Beef stroganoff Ham roulade Braised sturgeon

Friday: Gratin food
Cauliflower Gratin Gratin Dauphinois
French Toast Gratin with Pumpkin

Saturday: Raviolis and Gnocchi
Creamy Gnocchi with Peas and Prosciutto
Gnocchi with pumpkin sauce
Chicken ravioli with saffron sauce

Sunday: Smooth mango
Mango and prawn salad Mango cheese cake
Mango and sago sweet soup

Adult: RMB 128  Child: RMB 68 (under 1.4)

The above prices are subject to 15% surcharge.
Lunch Buffet Time: 11:30 – 14:00, 2011.06.01- 2011.09.30
Venue: Coffee Shop at 1/F of Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Shenzhen
Reservations: + 86 (0) 755 8350 0888 – 88605

Daily themed corner & healthy food for lunch buffet at The Grand Mercure Hotel

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