Plastic bottles to be used to construct stage for the Universiade ceremonies

Plastic bottles to be used to construct stage for the Universiade ceremoniesIn a campaign launched by the Universiade organizing committee near the Shenzhen Bay Coastal Park that will help them collect 11 million used plastic bottles that will be used in building a stage that will be used for the opening ceremony for the Universiade games.

Collection points are set up near residential communities and office buildings so people can drop off their used bottles. Organizers for the games will then collect the used bottles and re process them to be used to build the stages. Then the bottles will be recycled after the games.

Collection points would be set up in residential communities and company buildings for people to leave their used plastic bottles, said Ming Liang, a staff member of a company responsible for the Games opening and closing ceremonies. This used bottle campaign is a part of the Universiade plans to be environmentally friendly during the opening ceremony.  Since the organizers are the not doing any extravagant opening or closing ceremonies, there will be no fireworks or big stars to be present in the ceremonies. The decision not to use fireworks will help protect the mangrove trees that are found near the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center.

The bottle collection is part of a campaign and activities that marked the World Environment Day, in which people donated used plastic bottles to help launch the campaign. Some of the donors even wrote wishes in the bottles before giving them to the collection centers.

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