White Horse Laboratories Week 21 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 21 Counterfeit Detection ReportWeek 21 Results

Inspection: 69% Accept 65% Pass

Quality levels stabilized in Week 21 without dipping further from the plunge in Week 20, with testing lot pass rates staying at 65% and inspection acceptance rates creeping up a point to 69%.

Shipping volumes were down 43% from Week 20 following two consecutive weeks of poor yields. With Memorial Day in the United States, a public holiday in the United Kingdom on the same day, and a holiday throughout Europe on Thursday of Week 22, yield percentages will have larger individual influence due to decreased activity during a week loaded with international holidays.

With May winding down and heading into the final month of Q2, there is sure to be interest in market trends heading into what many are projecting to be solid business in Q3 and Q4 as the effects of reduced stock levels and limited production from the disruption of the Japan quake are expected to show their broader impact.

Week 21 Substandard Product Listing

Infineon BTS721L1 (Date Code 1023) – 5% failure – high voltage drop on the outputs during active condition.

PMC Sierra HDMP-1022G (Date Codes 0732, 0742, 0817, 0908, 0916, 0921, 0926, 0938, and 0951) - 36% failure – open/short pins and bad protection diodes.

PMC Sierra HDMP-1024G (Date Codes 0719, 0820, 0909, 0911, 0913, 0923, and 0931) – 41% failure – open/short pins and bad protection diodes.

International Receitifier IRFP31N50L (Date Code 0928) – 100% failure – high on-state drain-source resistance, Rds(on).

Agilent HDMP-1024 (Date Code 0231) – 9% failure – open pins and bad protection diodes.

Maxim MAX187ACWE (Date Code 1039) – 100% failure – wrong digital output at any input.

Fujitsu MB90F562BPFM-G (Date Codes 0838 & 0914) – 21% failure – erase error.

Fairchild Semiconductor FQP2N40 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 37% failure - low gate-source threshold voltage, Vgs(th).

Vishay/General Semiconductor SMBJ40CA-E3 (Date Code 1106) – 8% failure – high standoff voltage, Vn, and high drain current, Id.

Numonyx PC28F128J3D75A (Date Code 0732) – 46% failure – blank-check error that canot be erased.

Infineon SAFC167CRLMHA (Date Codes 0338 & 0506) – 25% failure – open and short pins, bad protection diodes.

Infineon TLE4205G (Date Code 1052) – 20% failure – one or both output states not inverting with inverted input states.

Intel N87C196KD (Date Code 0162) – 100% failure – blank-check error.

STMicroelectronics VND10N06-1-E (Date Code 0935) – 6% failure – low Vclamp and low breakdown voltage.

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