Skype + Microsoft – For Better or For Worse?

Skype + Microsoft - For Better or For Worse?Despite admitting to monitoring calls and posting conversation on public servers, Skype has continued to grow strong in China, with millions of users daily, many of the foreigners in Shenzhen, they even survived the famous telecom crackdown in 2010. Now with Microsoft’s $8.5 billion proposal, many people are wondering, “What’s Next?”

According to their own announcement, “Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phone and a wide array of Windows devices.” No doubt that gaming enthusiasts will find this exciting, but how about the rest of us foreigners in Shenzhen?

“I don’t care much about the X-Box, I just hope their call quality gets better. I use it [Skype] daily and am tired of the echoes and dropped calls,” says Ben, an expat and long time resident of Shenzhen.  With many still reeling from Skype’s Global Outage in May, and now with their recent outage on June 7th, there’s a lot of doubt about that.

A recent article in PC World entitled “Skype Down Again–Is Microsoft to Blame?” seems to paint and even more ominous picture.

Considering the 2008 revelation of the relationship between Skype and China, it should come as no surprise they survived the telecom crackdown. Now the question is, will Microsoft make this better or worse?

As for me, I’m not waiting to find out.

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