White Horse Laboratories offers different packing services

White Horse Laboratories offers different packing servicesWhite Horse offers a range of packaging services that comply with the international standards established by JEDEC/IPC to protect your components from the hazards of MSL, ESD, and physical damage while giving your deliveries a professional look.

China is humid, leading to multiple problems for components that are not packaged correctly.  Leads and terminals can oxidize, which causes solderability problems.  The components can absorb the ambient moisture, leading to phenomenon on surface mount devices (SMD) known as delamination and “popcorning”.

Delamination occurs when moisture penetrates the component to the multiple-layered silicon wafer.  When moisture in the components is super-heated during reflow process in the board assembly, the liquid turns to gas, expands, and needs to escape causing deformation, cracking, and even bursting within the component in a phenomenon known as “popcorning”.

Baking and dry-packing is required to remove the moisture from the components, and White Horse services comply with the JEDEC/IPC standards for these procedures.  X-ray and solderability inspection is recommended for components whose original packaging has been compromised and floor-life exceeded.

Members of White Horse’s subscription program may warehouse their proprietary materials with us, and we can source these materials for you, to add a professional and personal presentation to your deliveries.

We use new boxes unless the OEM boxes are in presentable condition and add barcode shipping and intermediate labels with manufacturer part number, internal part number, manufacturer, date code, quantity, and Purchase Order number to make your deliveries easily identified and received into your customers system.

Specialty labels are available, including lead-free and RoHS, and we place a White Horse Inspection and Packaging label on every box so your customer has no question about the origin of the parts and the integrity of the packaging.

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