White Horse Laboratories provides full range of logistics services

White Horse Laboratories provides full range of logistics servicesTo provide you with a truly turn-key partner in China, White Horse provides a full range of logistics services to improve your efficiency and reduce your costs, liability, and lead-times.

Drop Shipment

White Horse can directly ship your order to your customer with your documentation, labels, and packaging and eliminate redundant shipping costs. Why incur the cost and lost time in shipping product from China to your facility to then turn around and ship it back out to your customer?


Purchasing multiple orders from Chinese suppliers?  If so, you are losing money on every shipment as you do not get the advantage of volume discounts with your courier.  One shipment of 200kg costs far less than 10 shipments of 20kg.  Our facility in Hong Kong is perfectly situated to receive deliveries from China and consolidate them into a single shipment using the courier or freight forwarder of your choice – or use our volume discount and realize further savings.


Are you purchasing excess and surplus inventories from China ahead of actual orders – seizing available stock to build your inventory of sellable products?  Why pay to have them shipped all the way home when their final destination is not yet known?  We can warehouse those products for you at our facility in the Shenzhen Free Trade Zone (FTZ) with very competitive rates and ship on-demand with a simple pull order.


China Customs has an export restriction on most electronic components, so the domestic trading companies and distributors under-declare their shipments to bypass their export tax obligations, thereby transferring the liability and risk to you.

For over one year, ERAI has been publishing reports of United States’ Customs auditing and fining companies that import under-declared shipments.  Further, your shipments are only insurable for the declared value – if an under-declared USD10,000 order is lost or damaged, you are only eligible to receive a USD200 compensation.  There even reports beginning to surface that Customs is beginning to inspect and confiscate imported shipments from Chinese suppliers under suspicion of counterfeiting.

Our facility in Hong Kong is situated to eliminate this problem – domestic courier service to Hong Kong is next day and is inexpensive.  We can then transship via the courier of your preference and declare at full value as Hong Kong is a free trade country with no import or export restrictions.

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