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Golf Specific Fitness - FlexibilityIt is a sad but true fact that one of the most important parts of training that is often overlooked or neglected by people who exercise regularly is flexibility training.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people do an exercise session without any stretching what so ever, or if they do stretch, they do the wrong type for the workout or sport they do.

Take my word for it, stretching your whole body to improve your flexibility takes very little of your time and will pay you back huge dividends.

possessing great flexibility is one of the most rewarding and yet easiest things to achieve in training regardless of your age.

The benefits of a good flexibility training program are very dramatic, stretching properly will:

1 Give you back the agility of your youth as your muscles regain there suppleness.

2 Rid you of any aches and pains you might have because your muscles have shortened through lack of use.

3 Prevent training injuries that people get simply because they did not take 5 or 10 minutes to prepare their body for the more strenuous part of their workout.

4 Improve your sporting performance or reduce the risk of injury during your sport.

5 Give you back the grace and elegance most of us moved with when we were very young but lost as are bodies tightened up over the years.

6 Prepare you mentally as well as physically for your sport or exercise workout.

And most importantly!

7 At the end of a workout, stretching it is the most relaxing exercise you can do as your muscles let go of tension and leave you with a feeling of total peace.

Now how does flexibility relate to Golf and Improving ones performance in the game?

It is clear with better flexibility, performance is enhanced in the game of golf, but how exactly?

Golf involves a very explosive yet very dynamic swing. A golfers swing is improved the greater his or her arch. A golfer can achieve a prominent arch by twisting the hips and rotating the torso, turning the shoulders while keeping the legs planted on the ground for stability. This requires very long muscles and the right balance of strength and flexibility.

When I’m training clients in golf fitness I always stress the importance of the combination of both strength and length, having long muscles as well as strong muscles.

Flexibility is one element in a few very important factors that make up a complete golfer.

Evenly developed golf fitness, with a balancing of strength and flexibility, should yield the right result. Any normal stroke from tee to green should see greater club head speed, and the extra strength in the legs should mean that the body holds more still during the stroke. Good training for increased length should also have the side effect of improving accuracy. Add on a cardiovascular program to improve endurance, and your fitness level should last throughout a round and indeed long after. The real key to low scoring is to develop fitness consistently, with strength, flexibility and endurance combining to create a complete program of golf fitness.

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