White Horse Laboratories leads in the field of electronic testing

White Horse Laboratories leads in the field of electronic testingChip design, development, manufacturing, and testing/packaging companies spend years and millions of dollars in developing test platforms for their products.  Unfortunately, they do not share this information or provide technical support unless the product is purchased directly from them.

We know that you do not have years and millions of dollars to spend on every project.  We understand your industry and your requirements – you need answers now about the functionality about the components you are selling.  We have focused our efforts to providing what you need through in-depth research of how best to meet your requirements.

Full Parametric Test

The highest level of electrical test, full parametric, or full functional (FFT), tests everything that the component is designed to do.  Our test equipment is OEM-level automated test equipment (ATE) – it is the same equipment that the chip-makers are using to test the wafers and completed components directly off the production line.  ATE equipment records the output data, and that data is included with the completed test report.

Direct/Alternate Current Test

Many components, but not all, have direct and/or alternate current characteristics defined on the device datasheet.  The flow of current through a component is very specific and unique – similar to a human fingerprint.  A specific amount of current into certain pins should result in specific amounts of current flowing out through the output pins.  Direct and alternate current characteristics testing (DCFT and ACFT) programming sends the specific input current and reads the output currents.  There is a strong correlation between application functionality and DCFT/ACFT.

Functional Test

Functional Testing targets the primary functions of a component.  If those functions are working correctly, the supporting parameters are also functioning correctly.  This test is used for very complex components such as microprocessors that cannot be fully tested by anyone other than the manufacturer without prohibitive cost and long set-up times.

One-time programmable (OTP) components, memory, and many signal devices can be effectively tested using this method using power and signal generators, oscilloscopes, programmers, and curve tracers.  This test generally requires very little set-up time and cost and is the same testing method used by the chip makers when they have parts rejected in process or returned from the field.

Continuity Test/ Pin to Pin Resistance

The number one cause for electrical failure at the manufacturer is continuity.  Crossed or broken wires, separated solder bonds and wafer damage caused by ESD controls result in common opens and shorts – the simplest test to conduct identifies manufacturers’ most common failure mode.

Hardware and Software

Most test procedures, and all of those using the ATE equipment, require a test socket, load board, and DUT board.  Every package-style requires a specific socket, and every socket requires a load board, which connects the component to the testing board.  The DUT board connects the socket to the testing equipment, and every part number will require a specific DUT board.  DUT boards and load boards are printed circuit boards.  Load boards are designed by our test engineers and specially fabricated by a PCB contractor.  DUT boards are designed and wired by our engineers using a base board from the test equipment manufacturer.

This is one of the longest procedures in testing the components, and results in most of the cost.  Once the fixture is complete, the component can be attached to the tester and our engineers will write a test program and debug that program using samples from the delivered products.

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