Beautiful Pandas in Chengdu

Beautiful Pandas in ChengduI visited the Panda research center in Chengdu on Sunday to check out this rare and endangered animal. I arrived around 8.30am which meant I avoided most of the crowds and also got to see the pandas during their most active period. The pandas were playfully climbing trees and rolling around scoffing bamboo.

The entrance ticket was only 60rmb and so affordable for most people and for another 10rmb you could have the park golf carts take you around the two black and white panda homes and the two red panda homes. The pandas had acres of spaces to roam and play in and an endless supply of bamboo.

There is a also a cinema playing a movie about the life of the panda and I learnt some amazing facts, such as that a baby panda is born more than 1000th of the size of its mother and a full grown panda can eat 45kg of bamboo per day!!

Jackie Chan has even adopted two pandas for a cool 1,000000rmb. Talking money, the base has hit on a very commercial way of making money, you can pay 1000rmb to have your photo taken with a baby panda. This upset me a little as it clearly isn’t good for the endangered panda to be handled hundreds of times per day.

Take a look at the pics and I recommend if you are in the area take a look.

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