A Message from the Founders at Captivating International

We hope you enjoy reading our latest Simply Captivating Update – June 2011 (click here to download it).

As you will read, 2011 has been a wonderful year so far, and thanks to your support, we are expecting to see many more children helped this next six months.

We are asked regularly what our greatest needs are, and almost always it is the same answer – we need child sponsors. However, there are other things also.  Here’s a summary:

Child Sponsorship At the time of writing, we have over 100 children who need a sponsor.  These kids are the poorest we and our partners can find and they are so desperate for our help.   Depending on their circumstances, some children require one sponsor, while others require two sponsors where the total program cost is higher.  One sponsorship costs A/US$40 a month / $480 a year and is all it takes to bring hope for a better tomorrow to a child, family and their community.  Go to CAPTIVATING SPONSOR for directions on how to sponsor a child, including details on how Captivating sponsorship works.  Some children have been on this website for some time – we would love to see them sponsored.

General Administration Captivating has taken the position that with the exception of local Chinese staff, all “foreigners” involved with Captivating are either voluntary or supported by dedicated donors.   This includes Captivating founders and directors.  However, even with this rule, administrative costs still exist such as office rent, accounting costs, compliance etc.  We would love to have an organization or individuals nominate themselves to become DEDICATED ADMIN SUPPORTERS.   You would be responsible for keeping Captivating going.  If this is of interest, please contact andrew@captivating.org directly.   We would put you on our Christmas card list for sure.

Become a Captivating Advocate We are looking for 10 people who want to take personal ownership for making a project happen.  Our ability to help more children is limited only by our ability to find people willing to become accountable for raising the funds to make a project happen.  We’ll support you all the way, and together we can make great things happen.  If your heart is pumping having just read this – contact us NOW by replying to this email.

FaceBook, YouTube, Tweets & Blogs Do a website search on “Captivating International” and you will find our information sites, or click on one of the links in our email signature at the end of this email.  Start following us and speak to your friends about us. One of the areas we need to improve as an organization is better communication. You can help us.  Tell us what we need to do better.  We are all ears and need your help.

Remember, we can accept and receipt donations from anywhere in the world and can provide tax-deductible receipts to donors from Australia, Hong Kong and the US.  All options for giving are outlined in the website when you select the DONATE button on www.captivating.org and then select your country or region.

A SPECIAL NOTE TO OUR AUSTRALIAN SUPPORTERS – You have been so supportive of our work from the very beginning.  With the end of financial year only a week away, there is no better time to make a tax-deductible donation. Why not sponsor a child with an annual contribution of $480 (after tax, this represents a latte a week). Alternatively, talk to us about becoming a Captivating Administration Partner.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.  To donate now, click here  DONATE NOW

A FINAL WORD – We would accomplish little of what we do without the tireless work of our volunteers and staff – amazing people who give generously of their time to make our projects happen.  You are all AWESOME.  Captivating has 13 paid staff across China and over 80 volunteers who have put their hands up to impact lives (many for them from Shekou, China).  On behalf of all the children and families our work reaches, thank you for all you do.  We also wish to thank our global charity partners, International Children’s Care (Australia) and Friends of Hong Kong Charities Inc.  Without your support, we would not have the donor base that we do.

Depending on where you are in the world, have a wonderful summer/winter break.  Please send us an email to say “hello” when you get the chance – we like that.

Blessings and best wishes,

Andrew & Julie Colquhoun



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