Army Devises Online Game to Train Soldiers for Combat

Army devised online game to train soldiers for combatThe People’s Liberation Army has developed an online game that will help train soldiers to improve their combat skills and technological awareness. The game is called the Glorious Mission and has three playing modes.

Players chooses from the three modes, basic training, single missions and team combat. Each mode starts the player off as a soldier for the People’s Liberation Army. In team combat the player can choose to be part of a group of thirty two players that is divided into two and tries to defeat the opposing team.

The player also starts off as a new recruit and has to undergo basic training, then get professional indoctrination plus instructions. Once completed, the player’s capability will be enhanced as they enter their exciting military life.

The game was developed by Nanjing Military Command and the Wuxi Giant Network Technology Inc. in Jiangsu. Software testers described the games as a full on large local area network military game that has full intellectual property rights in China.

The game can also be programmed wth various settings, weather conditions and battle situations were the players can be tested on how well they can think and react if they are in a real situation. The makers also said that soldiers and officers of the military were involved in the development and testing of the game since their feedback was important to make the game as realistic as possible.

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