White Horse Laboratories Week 24 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 24 Counterfeit Detection ReportMy apologies for the delay from Week 23 to Week 24, and you’re going to get weeks 24 through 26 in rather rapid succession now that I’m back from a short break and some exceptionally long days preparing for, and then catching up, from said break.

We saw a broad reversal of fortunes in Week 24 with Testing rates recovering 15 points back to a 72% lot pass rate but Inspection acceptance rates dropping back down 21 points to 65% when compared to Week 23 figures. Still, the improvement in Testing pass rates lead shipping volumes to a 200% recovery.

Week 24 Substandard Product Listing

Inspection 65% accept     Testing 72% Pass

STMicroelectronics STP3NB90FP (Date Code 0635) – 100% failure – low breakdown voltage, VBdss.

Renesas HD6417750RBG240V (Date Code 0943) - 6% failure – open and short pins, bad protection diodes.

AVX BZ014C453ZSB88 (Date Code 0910) – 25% failure – low capacitance and high ESR readings.

Infineon BSP125L6327 (Date Code 1110) – 100% failure - high gate threshold voltage, Vgs(th), and high on-state drain-source resistance, Rds(on).

Atmel AT28C256F-15LM/883C (Date Code 0102) – 100% failure – pin “A13″ is open and cannot be programmed.

Toshiba TMPN3120FE3M (Date Code 0726) – 16% failure – open pins and bad protection diodes.

Texas Instruments TMS9995NL (Date Code 1021) – 6% failure – bad protection diodes.

AVX TAJE108M004RNJ (Date Code 1008) – 41% failure – high dissipation factor.

Xicor X9C102P (Date Code 1104) – 100% failure – high wiper resistance.

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