Stamp Collecting Makes a Good Long Term Investment

Stamp collecting makes a good long term investmentIn 1997 the postage stamp market was booming in China prompting several stamp exchange markets to emerge, but when the financial crisis in Asia caught up it smashed any hopes of profitable stamp collecting.

Now the Chinese postage stamp auction market is booming again, but experts are advising those interested in engaging in this business will have to think twice. Not all stamps are worth something unless the stamps came from the Cultural Revolution period (1966-1976) or from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Stamp significance, rarity and condition also determine a stamp’s value.

In the past couple of years, objects that have long been forgotten are making an appearance again, such as coins, chops, mirrors and old liquors have been slowly bringing in money. Rare stamps are also selling fast and collectors are hoping this time the trend will stay.

Some veteran stamp collectors advise new collectors to take a careful look when purchasing stamps, those stamps from the early periods and cultural revolution are  ones that sell the most and rarity always decides the value. Daunting inflation rates have also pushed up prices, making stamps a popular long term investment.

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