White Horse Laboratories Week 27 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 27 Counterfeit Detection ReportIn last week’s report, Week 26, we listed a Microsemi device with date code 1052 that had a 95% failure rate for high forward voltage; however, the part number was inadvertantly left off of the listing. The part number is LSM150J3/TR.

We also listed an Infineon device with date code 1018 that had a 6% failure for high off-state drain current, Id(off). The part number listed was BSP14PL6906. The correct part number is BSP149L6906.

Inspection: 65% Accept   69% Pass

Week 27 Substandard Product Listing

Texas Instruments ISO1050DUBR (Lot Code ZHD7) – 58% failure – non-switching bus and receiver outputs.

PMC Sierra/Agilent HDMP-1022 (Date Codes 0022, 0728, 0821, and 0822) - 27% failure – open pins and bad protection diodes.

PMC Sierra/Agilent HDMP-1024 (Date Codes 0016 & 0821) – 16% failure – open pins and bad protection diodes.

Infineon ITS716G (Date Code 1052) – 100% failure - high output voltage drop and devices remain active at Vbb < 4.5V even after coming from off-state.

Cypress CY7C269-50WMB (Date Code 0012) – 19% failure – blank-check error (previously programmed).

Lattice Semiconductor ISPLSI2064A80LTN100I (Date Code 0812) – 25% failure – blank-check error (previously programmed).

Epson S1D13700F01A100 (Date Code 0820) – 8% failure – open pins and bad protection diodes.

Texas Instruments BQ4017MC-70 (Date Code 1121) – 54% failure – program & verify error.

Infineon BTS721L1 (Date Code 1023) – 23% failure – one or all outputs having low state at Vbb=5V.

Toshiba 2SJ74-BL (Date Code 0912) – 100% failure – high Igss, low Idss, and high Vgs(off).

Infineon BTS716G (Date Codes 0934 & 0946) – 18% failure – uncharacteristic voltage drops and false output states.

Fujitsu 7MBR25NE-120 (Date Codes 0020 & 0603) – 100% failure – high Ices, high Imm, and high Vce(sat).

Cypress CY7C276 (Date Codes 0018 & 0025) – 36% failure – blank-check error (previously programmed).

Texas Instruments BQ4017MC-70 (Date Code 1121) – 84% failure – program and verify error.

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