White Horse Laboratories Week 29 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 29 Counterfeit Detection ReportWeek 29 Results

82% Accept 85% Pass

Statistics are calculated as a percentage of all lots dispositioned within the given time period. “Accept” is defined as customer acceptance of report device condition. “Pass” is defined as meeting electrical parameters defined by the agreed upon test plan.

Week 29 Substandard Product Listing

Infineon IPP075N15N3G (Date Code 0917) – 100% failure – high Rds(on).

AMD ETRAM29P2160CB-65REF (Date Code 1025) - 100% failure - blank-check error (previously programmed).

Infineon BTS724G (Date Codes 1046 and 1050) – 11% failure – low ouputs in 2 or more channels during active state.

Freescale MC912DG128ACPVE (Date Codes 0923 and 0924) – 10% failure – blank-check error (previously programmed).

PMC Sierra/Agilent/HP HDMP-1022 (Date Codes 0817, 0823, ) – 42% failure rate – open, short pins and bad protection diodes.

PMC Sierra/Agilent/HP HDMP-1024 (Date Codes 0820, 0823, and ) – 17% failure – open, short pins and bad protections diodes.

National Semiconductor LP3876ET-ADJ (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 8% failure – high, low, and no reference voltage, Vref.

Linear Technology LT1763CS8-3.3 (Date Code 023) – 100% failure – poor line regulation, devices breakdown at voltages over 8V.

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