Happy Valley Theme Park – A Great Day Out or An Annoying Day Queuing?

Happy Valley Theme Park - A Great Day Out or An Annoying Day Queuing?I went to Happy Valley on Wednesday to enjoy the thrills of the roller-coasters and the chills of the haunted house. I arrived around 11am and already could see there were thousands of people in the park, not to be deterred I purchased my adult ticket for 180RMB (not too expensive I thought, kids can get in for 90RMB).

Once inside I spotted the train which takes you around the park and tried to hop on before being told I had to buy a ticket for 20rmb, the train ride isn’t included in your entrance fee and neither are the small carts that take you around the park. I paid my 20rmb and hopped on board, it was a good way to get your bearings and check out whats happening. The park has 2 big roller coasters, one is still under construction and the other had estimated 3 hour queues.

Impatient as I am I gave it a miss and went to the water rapids,  not so big a queue. Just as it was our turn to ride the rapids they broke down and we had a 45 minute delay! Once on the rapids it was worth the wait just to see the locals covered from head to toe in protective waterproof clothing! I thought the whole idea of a water ride was to get wet! We checked out the log flume and again it was full of people wearing waterproof clothing! I chose to man up and get completely soaked. Oh no what would I do. Well not surprisingly this time of year it was scorching and I dried in minutes!!

Now dry, my next plan was to find some food, I saw a picture above a fast food place of some delicious looking seafood fried rice, not today I’m told. Dejected I moved on and find somewhere with a picture of what looked like spaghetti bolognaise, again I was told, not today. I settled for some corn on the cob, unfortunately it had been there for some weeks I think as my flip flops would have tasted better. On we went to try a few more rides and we had a good last couple of hours. Before we left we had a look at the new water park and it looked pretty good and not nearly as busy as the theme park.

Finally, would I recommend Happy Valley? Not during the kids holidays. When it is less busy in September I will go back and give it another try. If you like this sort of place in an evening you can get half price tickets from 6pm, beware, most rides finish at 7 PM.

Happy Valley is located near Windows of the World behind the Crown Plaza Hotel.

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  1. I haven’t been to Happy Valley for a few years now… thanks for the article and pictures, will have to check it out again.

  2. Cool – I went here a few years ago. Good fun right in the center on Shenzhen.

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