List of Designated Roads for Universaide Released

List of designated roads for Universaide releasedTraffic police have increased the number of designated lanes for Universiade vehicles up from 13 to 28 lanes. All lanes are marked with a Universiade logo and LED screens have been placed on the left-hand side of the roads to remind motorists. Vehicles that are certified by the Shenzhen Universiade Organizing Committee, fire trucks, police cars and ambulances are permitted to drive on these lanes.

Starting August 4 until August 24 drivers are to refrain from using the following roads from 7 am until 8 pm. Those caught will be subjected to a fine of 300 yuan.

The following roads have lanes that are for Universiade vehicles use;

  • Shuiguan Expressway
  • Qingping Expressway
  • Beihuan Expressway
  • Jichang Road
  • Binhe Expressway   Bao’an Boulevard (Luotian Road to Beihuan Boulevard)
  • Binhai Boulevard (Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway to Nanhai Boulevard)
  • Yuping Boulevard (Qingping Tollgate to Hongling Flyover on Nigang Road)
  • Xinzhou Road (Binhe Boulevard to Beihuan Boulevard)
  • Huanggang Road (Binhe Boulevard to Beihuan Boulevard)
  • Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway (Jichang Road to Huanggang Road)
  • Yanpai Expressway (Jihe Expressway to Yanba Expressway)
  • Nigang Road East (Hongling Road to Yinhu Flyover)
  • Shahe Road West (Beihuan Boulevard to Dongbin Road)
  • Longxiang Boulevard (Shuiguan Expressway to Huangge Road South)
  • Yanba Expressway (Yanpai Expressway to Pingkui Road)
  • Meiguan Expressway (Meiguan Tollgate to Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway)
  • Eastern Coastal Expressway (Luosha Road to Yanba Expressway)
  • Chunfeng Flyover (Binhe Boulevard to Yanhe Road South)
  • Yanhe Road South (Chunfen Flyover to Luosha Road)
  • Luosha Road (Yanhe Road South to Eastern Coastal Expressway)
  • Liuxian Boulevard (Lishui Road South to Shahe Road West)
  • Shahe Road West (Liuxian Boulevard to Beihuan Boulevard)
  • Nanhai Boulevard (Beihuan Boulevard to Binhai Boulevard)
  • Jihe Expressway (Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway to Huiyan Expressway)
  • Nanping Expressway (Shuiguan Expressway to Liuxian Boulevard)
  • Xiangmihu Road (Beihuan Boulevard to Shennan Boulevard)
  • Fulong Road (Nanping Expressway to Beihuan Boulevard

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