The 3rd Annual SZ Midnight 10k is Just Around the Corner

The 3rd Annual SZ 10k Midnight Race is set for November 12th, 2011.  Runners should mark their calendars and start training now.  The idea of the race is to get together with new and old friends, participate in an usual race that starts are 11:00pm, finish the 10km route before midnight, and raise money for charity.

The winning women’s time last year was 54:27 (Clodagh) and the men’s was 41:07 (Vincent).

Participants will be raising money for Captivating International and a specific project (details coming in a couple of weeks).

The goal of the run this year is to have at least 100 runners (52 last year) and to raise at least RMB 100,000 (last year was a huge success at just over RMB 60,000).  This RMB 100,000 figure is extremely important to the specific project the run will be sponsoring.

If anyone is interested in helping with this year’s race, please contact Greg Schultheis -greg at amrosia dot com.  The areas that need the most help are:

- finding corporate sponsors
- volunteers during the race (time keeping and water)
- t-shirt design, shirt sourcing, and printing
- design of posters and then placing them all over SZ

For those of you who were at the race last year or have been involved in these types of events before and have ideas to make the race better, PLEASE give your suggestions regardless if you will help with planning.  We want this year to be bigger and better than last.

Participants are encouraged to contact anyone and everyone they know in SZ to get the word out about the race.

Interested sponsors can also contact Greg.

5 Comments for “The 3rd Annual SZ Midnight 10k is Just Around the Corner”

  1. Great Dan !!!
    Gonna be great to have you running this year. Start training for it!

  2. I am not in good shape… as was explained to me on Saturday, I’m a bit of a fat boy. Go for gold!

  3. Wish I was in good enough shape to run! Great cause!

  4. I think I’ll be running this year.

  5. JGFitness will be in full support and running the night 10k for sure!
    This is a great run and many JGFitness trainees will all join.

    I have a time to beat and many trainees have times to beat. Very much looking forward to it. Start Training everyone!


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