White Horse Laboratories Week 30 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 30 Counterfeit Detection ReportShenzhen, China, has been preparing to host the 2011 Universiade games for several years. Preparations including the building of multiple athletic venues thoughout the city (a city of nearly 20 million largely devoid of sports ans recreation facilities prior) and completion of a complex Metro rail line spanning the city.

The games will take place from August 12 to through 22nd, culmination in the closing ceremony on the 23rd. The city has declared the 12th and 23rd as public holidays, but most of the White Horse team have opted to continue service to you and enjoy an extra day of leave at some other point during the year. Note that many suppliers will be closed on those days and there may be disruptions to courier services due to the holiday.

The remainder of China and Hong Kong, including White Horse operation will not be affected by declared holidays for the games.

Week 30 results:

Inspection: 76% accepted   Testing: 87%  passed

Week 30 Substandard Product Listing

Renesas HD64F2166VTE33V (Date Codes 0919 and 0926) - 10% failure - poor pin contact.

International Rectifier IRG4BC402-SPBF (Date Code 0918) - 66% failure - high Vce(on).

Infineon PZTA42-E6327 (Date Code 1040) - 5% failure - high Icbo, high Vbe(sat), high Vce(sat) and low Vb.

Cypress CY7C276-25HC (Date Codes 9906 and 9913) - 94% failure - blank-check error (previously programmed).

PMC Sierra/Agilent/HP HDMP-1022G (Date Codes 0908, 0916, 0921, 0938, and 0951) - 8% failure rate -bad protection diodes.

PMC Sierra/Agilent/HP HDMP-1024G (Date Codes 0839 and 9809) - 8% failure - open, short pins and bad protections diodes.

International Rectifier IRG4BC20KD-S (Date Code 0914) - 6% failure - high Vf, low V(br)ces, and High Iges.

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