Second Startup Tuesday Results on How to Start a Startup

Second Startup Tuesday Results on How to Start a StartupOur 2nd “startup Tuesday” here in Shenzhen was based on the “basics” (from the prior week’s audience feedback and level) as we felt people needed to start from ground level to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind. The slides are here

Basically, we went over “what is a startup”, how to “form a startup” (explain a startup doesn’t really need to be a formal company at the beginning, how to deal with partners, payment methods, project planning)

This time, people really wanted to remember who came! So as we went around the room, I typed this list. Sorry if i mis-typed people’s names…this was a rush job and better then nothing (so tell me and I’ll correct it, ok?!)

Paul Jones – American entrepreneur in Asia since 2001, doing affiliate marketing in Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, and now focusing 100% in Shenzhen this year. His Chinese asst Frederick – France, fast food, father biz Javen – From Jianxi province, SOHO doing electronics to Europe. 08, 4 months, Klas – Netherlands, commerce. Father invited him for 1 year. Bruce – looking to get into a startup gina – chongching – biz english, just graduated in January, started western business in shekou, ghost bar, came to learn more business.

Eric Chen – hunan – came last Sept from Beijing, ruby programmer, came to make more friends. Jessie Cai – worked for 3 startups. p1.cn bindo.com , smart energy, ruby on rails programmer. Vlad – 3 years in Shenzhen, GPS tracking solutions for fleet, medical. software sales. Also a startup like fiver but in the Russian market, looking for new ideas and seed investor. Renaud from France, came 5 years ago to hk, 4 years ago in Shenzhen, Quality control, web app for managing importers purchasing.

Johnson Lee- came last week, hometown is Xi An, working in outsourcing company. Came to learn how to startup own business, and share. Daniel – SZ 4 years working for German company doing after sales. Maintaining, repairing, industrial controller. Marie – sales manager for eCommerce company (shadstone, newyorkbarstore). Ben – Taiwan company, quit to learn English did trading for Zhejiang for middle east customers. Now working for pakistan company, manages LED factory. Tom Chang- hunan province, work to keep systems running, systems engineering, SEO. Luigi from Italy. in SZ 1.5 years. next month make online shop to Italy, japan, china.

Rafael – from Brazil, 2 years in china trading. Rodrigo – independent sourcing to Brazil. Rebecca – 2nd time here, like doing business, her father has his own business, wants to do it too. doing testing business. Niki Tai – from Hunan province, 2nd time here working for small Asia bank in Shenzhen  came here twice. Oli – freelance, startup for social network in hotel industry. Kai – Shenzhen for COO engineering, Sun Ninang – artist. Rick – think race GPS tracking solution for USA company and Thailand.

Franky – works for Rick, oversees market. Donald – from NY, parents from Hainan, 20 years in high tech staying here to do his own startup. Katherine – supply chain management  interested in teamwork.  Stella – spent 10 years in Canada as teacher made program for kids to learn mathematics plans to open vegetarian food startup and community. Dave ho – online marketing for expats in Shenzhen. Joe – 2nd time here, from Beijing, in Shenzhen for more than 50 days, moved from HK, does private equity investments. VC.

A couple links I promised the attendees I would share: findlaw for documents on incorporation, other legal templates. ycombinator for all kinds of free information on startups.

Here is the basic outline….obviously not as good as being here in person…but my best shot. Also slides here

How to… “ Start a Startup”

By: Startups Shenzhen, presented by Michael Michelini…. Bringing Together Shenzhen’s Startup Community!

Today’s Agenda

Round table What is a startup? Basic formations, where to incorporate Funding – bootstrapping, angel, VC Partners – Finding, and dealing business partners Announcements (startup weekend, beach, directory, volunteers, coworking) Open Networking

Whats a “startup”

Looking to Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Startup_company The phrase “startup company” is often associated with….

Often means – high growth, technology oriented companies.

High risk/reward profile and scalability.

Can potentially grow rapidly with limited investment of capital, labor or land.

Basic Formations

Don’t rush into forming a company. Make it work first! Can be a simple contract to start. Where are YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! setup where your customer is, not your supplier! Bank account Basically meant to protect your personal liability.

Funding Options

How much do you need? For WHAT? Bootstrapping Angel VC (Venture Capitalist) Debt

Dealing with Business Partners

EQ (emotional intelligence) Common goals, vision Same “exit strategy”

Real World Examples?

Startups Prototypes Funding Partners

Submit to Directory!

Email add @ startupscn.com Send us your: Logo Quick “about us” Website URL

1 st Startup BootUP

How about Fri Sept 2- to Sun 4? Build a startup in a weekend! Taking Applications Come on a friday night Make a team of 3-4 people Work over the weekend. Pitches Sunday night to a panel of judges

Beach Party, Startup Style

Nearby Shenzhen Beach – Sat morning to Sunday afternoon, (Overnight Saturday) – Invite friends from HK, Shanghai, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc – Fun, Bonding, Networking

Volunteer Help!

Promoting events on various channels Event organizing – pitch nights, startup weekend Judges, mentors Finding sponsors, speakers Maintaining website, directory Will have meeting for those who want to be involved

Szteam coworking progress

Thanks to SZteam for providing the space. Can work in SZteam daytime before the meeting

Follow Us! Currently szteam.com , soon separate domain on startupscn.com Weibo – @shenzhenteam Twitter @shenzhenteam

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  1. thanks Harry for your comment here . …. Yea well we hope to keep it up each Tuesday here at szteam coworking…..if its each week, surely people can drop by when there is time and we’ll build up a startup community….

    slowly but surely.

  2. Thanks for the update, unfortunately was not able to make it due to other commitments but this seems like a pretty good run down of what went on. I’ll try n make the next one. Cheers.

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