White Horse Laboratories Week 34 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 34 Counterfeit Detection ReportStatistics are calculated as a percentage of all lots dispositioned within the given time period. “Accept” is defined as customer acceptance of report device condition. “Pass” is defined as meeting electrical parameters defined by the agreed upon test plan.

Week 34 Results

Inspection: 88% Accept     Testing: 79% Pass

Week 34 Substandard Part Listing

Agilent/PMC Sierra/HP HDMP-1022G (Date Codes 0728, 0817, 0908, 0915, 0916, 0938, and 0951) – 9% failure – open, short pins and bad protection diodes.

Agilent PMC Sierra/HP HDMP-1024G (Date Codes 0738, 0820, and 0916) – 17% Failure – open, short pins and bad protection diodes.

STMicroelectronics M48Z18-100PC6 (Date Code 0428) – 49% failure – program and verrify error.

Infineon Technologies SAFC515-LN (Date Code 0433) – 12% failure – short pins and bad protection diodes

STMicroelectronics STP3NB90FP (Date Code 0819) – 12% failure – high Rds(on), high Igss, low BVdss, and low Vgs(th);

Toshiba TMPN3120FE5MG ( Date Code 0909) – 91% failure – open pins and bad protection diodes.

Texas Instruments TMS320F2812ZHHs (Date Codes 0904) – 87% failure – locked flash that cannot be programmed without password.

Intersil X9C102P (Date Code 0239) – 18% failure – low end to end resistance between VH/RH and VL/RL

XilinxXC4010E-4PC84I (Date Code 0545) – 78% failure – no output on I/O ports (22%) and cannot be Configures (56%)

XilinxXC4LX40-10FFG1148IS2 (Date Code 1028) – 9% failure – program error.

XilinxXC9536-7PCG44C (Date Code 0941) – 5% failure – program error.

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