White Horse Laboratories Week 37 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 37 Counterfeit Detection ReportWeek 36 Correction
Reversed Weeks 36 & 37 Quality Statistics

Week 36 quality results were 76% of lots with electrical test results of 5% failure or less and also 76% of physical inspection lots with buyer acceptance.

Week 37 results were inadvertently inserted into Week 36 and the correct quality control chart is displayed below. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the error.

Week 37 Results

Inspection: 38% Accepted Testing: 52% Passed

Altera EP2S60F672I4N (Date Code 1015) – 28% failure – JTAG program function and ID error.

STMicroelectronics MJ4032 (Date Code 0522) – 53% failure – high Vce(sat) and low hFE.

STMicroelectronics MJ4035 (Date Code 0523) – 55% failure – high Vce(sat) and low hFE.

AVX 0612ZC105KAT2V (Date Code 1018) – 27% faiulre – low capacitance.

International Rectifier PVT322SPBF (Date Code 0805) – 22% failure – high on-state resistance, Rds(on), in either one of the channels.

Supertex VP1210N2 (Date Code 0211) – 100% failure – low on-state current, Id(on), high on-state resistance, Rds(on), and high voltage, Vsd.

STMicroelectronics M48Z18-100PC6 (Date Code 0428) – 44% failure – program and verify error.

Intersil ISL31492EIBZ (Date Code 1050) – 100% failure – low output voltage and clamped outputs.

STMicroelectronics M48E18-100PC6 (Date Code 0428) – 5% failure – program and verify error.

Texas Instruments BQ4016MC-70 (Date Code 1128) – 37% failure – program and verify error.

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