FriendshipFriends are the best gift of anyone. Friends can be your cousins, classmates and relative’s ext. To make friends it does not need to be anyone in your class; it can be anyone. Friends share stuff, help each other and do things together. Friends share happiness and sorrows.

A person who is more than a friend is a best friend. You can make friends by helping them or give advice (example=If your best friend failed in his exams, you can go say it’s ok or something else to make them happy and help them to recover). If you are sad you can share your feelings with others. Sometimes friends fight it doesn’t mean you should not be friends anymore.

A Best friend can even be your parents, grandparents, Sisters or Brothers ext. You can make friends with both Male or Female and also an adult. If your friend is been bullied you should stop the bully who is bullying your friend. If you have a friend but if your friend does not want to be his friend you can still make him a friend.

Some friends go to different countries then you can chat with them. (If you know his or her phone number or if he or she is your friend in gmail or skype ext.

Submitted by: Akhil Nair ISNS Primary Student

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