FriendshipHello my name is Kyle. Today I’ll talk about friendship. Friendship means that you have to be nice at your friend or classmate and don’t say bad words.  If a new kid came to school, you cannot hit him or younger kids then you.

Some friendship is two people play together, eat together and read together. You cannot trick at your friend, they will be upset with you. You just hear if some body said stop you must have to stop it. If some body needs help from you, you just go to help them. You can’t just stand there do nothing or run away. If you run away, he or she might get in a trouble or in a dangerous. If you don’t have friendship, at break time you will have no friends to play with. At reading time you will have no one to read with. At lunch time you will have nobody to eat with.

So if you don’t have friendship you will be boring and lonely. Some people who have many good friends more than others. Because they are always nice to their classmate and help others. If some body was not nice to his friends, no body will want to be his friends. If you have a best friend then you can share things with them. You could invite them to your home to play together in the holidays.

How do I know friendship? I know that from my teacher and parents. The most important on friendship, I think is be nice at your friend as your brothers and sisters. You can’t fight together with your friend or say bad words. And be careful when you are playing, you might hurt your friend or someone. If you do something wrong you have to say sorry. If you did not say sorry, next time they would not play with you. These are what about friendship as I know.

Submitted by Kyle ISNS Primary Student

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