Gaucho at Coco Park

Gaucho at Coco ParkGaucho is located in Coco Park near to Viva on the Lilly Marlene side of the complex. Gaucho is an all you can eat Brazilian restaurant. Having tried a couple of all you can eat Brazilian restaurants before in China and other Asian countries my expectations were high. Unfortunately Gaucho failed to meet my expectations on food or service. The all you can eat food consisted of maybe five meats which tasted bland and a horrible sardine type fish.

Compare this to Zicos in Thailand where you can try around 20-30 different cuts of meat and the most amazing sea food dishes and it is even more disappointing. I have eaten at places where the food has been poor before but the excellent service makes up for it, well Gaucho didn’t even have that going for them. Staff couldn’t be any less attentive as they were more interested in their own conversation than serving paying customers and we were even asked to pay our bill while still eating and drinking despite it only been 9pm.

Finally the price, 98rmb for the food and then you pay extra for your drinks. Three drinks set me back an extra 150rmb so a total bill of 248rmb not offering great value when you consider you can go and have all you can eat and drink tapanyaki for 160rmb down the road.

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  1. Gaucho in COCO park is does a pretty bad job at just about everything, worse being the meat itself. It used to be decent when it opened, then something happened along the way and it just went downhill from there.

  2. I would have to respectfully disagree with the above posts and the article, given where we are and what we have to deal with daily when it comes to hygiene and unsafe food practices i think gauchos does a decent job. I recommend the duck, beef, lamb in their various form, i also think the garlic bread is possibly the best in Shenzhen. For a treat after dinner try the roasted pineapple or Banana. If you dont like camel…. then don’t eat it, you are hardly going to be thrown out for not doing so.

    mmmmmmmm Brazilian meeeeeaaattt.

  3. Did you try the cam…*puke a little bit in my own mouth*..el?

  4. When I first tried this place in Shekou, it was great. I heard it was bought by a local businessman and its now off my list of restaurants. The Brazilian BBQ in Sea World is far worse so I guess it has that going for it.

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