5 Rules of Performance Nutrition – Rule 1

5 Rules of Performance Nutrition - Rule 1Here is a series of articles that I have written which i believe have great information on healthy nutrition for anyone.

These 5 basic rules are a great place to start when learning about healthy eating, making correct food choices, planning your meals, portion sizes and getting your daily nutrition to co-inside with your weekly exercise routine.

Rule One: Always eat a least 5 meals a day. Two or three meals are simply not enough. It is permissible to regard two of these meals as “snacks,” provided they contain sufficient calories to get you to your next meal, and they are comprised of the appropriate ratio of macronutrients – 1 part fat, 2 parts protein and 3 parts carbohydrate (this will be discussed in further detail in RULE TWO) By having a least 5 meals a day, some of which are small “snack” meals you blood sugar and insulin (a hormone in your body, which if not regulated causes fat retention) levels will be controlled as well as your energy level.

It’s important for all athletes to know that their performance level largely depends on their muscles and how they have been developed to address the skill needs of the sport. The more developed you are on the inside – your muscles, cardiovascular system, joint strength, etc, it is safe to say that the better your performance level will be. It is necessary to provide your body with the resources necessary to rebuild, repair and grow.

By having more meals during the day, you are combating break down from accruing in the body. When you body doesn’t have nutrients to draw on for energy then your body begins using muscle for energy – when this happens your body is literally breaking down and you are burning muscle. By having meals with protein throughout the day your body then has a constant supply of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, to prevent breakdown.

So by supplying your body with small amounts of protein throughout the day to support growth and recovery, not only is your body not going into break down but, and most importantly body fat will not be stored, but instead mobilized as an energy source. It’s a fact that by providing your body with a consistent and frequent supply of just the right number of calories, it’s need to store fat is reduced. This is because your body’s metabolism is raised, your body processes and utilizes food that comes in frequently because your body knows more food will come 2-3 hours later. Conversely, when you eat infrequently, your body recognizes a “famine” situation and your entire endocrine system (The system in your body consisting of the glands and tissues which release hormones. It works with the nervous system in regulating metabolic activities, it’s responsible for powerful hormones produced inside your body that control how you grow, recover, and produce energy) is thrown a loop. Then too much food you consume is stored as body fat in preparation for the famine to come.

Meal planning and correct foods are also a very important part of the puzzle which I will discuss in later articles. I’m sure you know it goes without saying that healthy, non processed, sugar and fat free foods, low in salt and chemicals are what are important in your 5 meal plan. We will discuss correct foods next month in RULE TWO . Until then put this rule into practice, eating plate size healthy light food.

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  1. Cheers Tony

    Much appreciated.:)

    Have a great week.


  2. Wow !
    Tony where did you come from!
    You must come into Fusion Gym. As far as squats etc we have exactly what you need.
    Hit me up when you are free to come in, would be great to meet and talk.

  3. No problem.
    I was a personal trainer in Montreal, Westmount. For 9 years, Stotts pilates, master trainer. Master spinning instructor. 2 Dan Shotokan, Black belt Chiang shu Fa.Aquafit, Fusion, Boby building..etc. etc…..I spent lots of years on Nutrition. And to keep it simple. It does not matter what time of ady you eat, if you are hungry…Your body is asking for fuel. So feed it! As long as your output is higher than you intake, then you will stay in good condition. Of course it matters what you eat. As a Westerner, you know that the Chinese have a much better diet than any Western country, and I mean ANY…So we should learn from them, I surely have…I am sorry for my crass remark. I know you are pro’s. ALL of my clients that made major gains in fitness and weight balance, followed my ONE rule. WRITE DOWN everything you consume for 3 full months, then I would analize and advise them of their input vs output. It worked every time. I am in Shekou often. And I know Marcus very well. I will drop by. I am not teaching anymore. But would love to debate with anyone. I am also an avid fan of squats! I benched 330, Squat 550. In my younger days, I might add. BEST REGARDS, Tony.

  4. ????

    Certainly open for much debate, as is any topic on nutrition.

  5. What a total load of Bollocks.

    • Mind elaborating, Tony?

    • Lets try and be constructive Tony. Jonny has dedicated the best part of his adult life to health and nutrition and deserves a little respect. If health and fitness isn’t your thing comment on something else of interest to you. If health and fitness is your thing leave a constructive comment so that a constructive debate our readers may be interested in may take place.

      Cheers for the articles Jonny, it’s great to see you keeping the flow of information for Shenzhen’s fitness fanatics.

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