Chinese National Holiday

Chinese National HolidayAfter some weeks of school in QSI we finally had a whole week holiday.  I’m glad that Chinese National Day came and we don’t have a lot of homework to do.

Since it is autumn, it rains a lot and every time it rains the air gets colder.  It’s early Monday morning but I can see through my window that the rain is already pouring.  On the road beneath, the lamp lights and the oak trees were decorated with red lanterns and plastic yellow laces.  All was ready for Chinese National Day.  On television, nearly every program is about the Chinese National Holiday.  Concert choirs sang songs about the country and about the famous Chinese leader; Mao Zedong.  During this holiday, shops and markets had much cheaper goods.

Finally, the rain became lighter on Wednesday.  We had the chance to take a good walk from our building to King Key banner, a nearby market.  Although it has already been two days from Chinese National Day the old decorations still hang over some shops.  My sister Rose and I saw on the news that there was no rain tomorrow.  Dad promised us to watch the new movie playing in the Coastal City cinema after we walked there on Thursday.

Sure enough, the rain stopped and warm sunlight shone in through the window on Thursday afternoon.  We all dressed up, got an umbrella in case it rains again and went out the door and down the elevator.  The first stop was the seaside.  We walked east past the place where people can rent bicycles and past the bridges and finally, past the mangrove where me, Rose and mom stopped to watch the herons spearing fish with their sharp beaks.  Now that we were out of the short seaside, we went north.  It was very noisy because they were building new houses.  At the sports park, we could already see clearly see the Kempinski  hotel witch is right beside Coastal City.  At Coastal City mom and dad purchased the tickets.  After some minutes of waiting, we finally got to watch the movie.  We went home late and everybody was happy.

On Sunday, I did all my homework and prepared for the next day’s school.   First, I sharpened the pencils in my pencil bag and then I filled out my water bottle.  At night, I read twenty minutes and mom signed my reading log.  Finally I cleaned my book bag for unwanted papers and checked that I’ve got all my books ready.   The holiday’s gone nicely and I learned that I can get what I want when I work hard.

Submitted by: Lily Wei QSI Middle

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