Electric Bicycle Restrictions to Undergo Final Reading

Electric bicycle restrictions to undergo final reading According to a third reading of a draft handed to lawmakers, Shenzhen will be allowing electric bicycles in several designated areas, roads and hours. Electric bikes that are used for deliveries, logistics and postal services are required to obtain certificates before allowed on the roads.

The local government has already approved the implementation of the restrictions of the limited use of electric bikes on roads after the draft was being reviewed in the 11th meeting of the 5th Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress.

During the second reading of the draft, all electric bicycles more than 40 kilograms running at speeds of 20 kilometers an hour were restricted. But the recent draft stipulates that all vehicles that do not pass national standards will not be allowed on the roads. The main reason for the change is the increase of the number of traffic accidents that were caused by electric bicycles in the recent years.

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  1. I would like the police to enforce the use of lights on the electric bikes. A great majority do not have their lights on. Keeping the lights on is for their own safety, not just the safety of others. The problem is police will never enforce anything.

  2. China has crazy ideas and think back wards,,they consider banning all Electric bikes, that’s about 1million in Shenzhen, and what about the ppl whom would then have no transport ?? or what happened if they were able to change to cars, an increase 1mill cars instead, major issues traffic jams, and think of Environmental.,,,,,Dont they see already cars are the issues on today’s road, just to many of them…Accidents on bikes is due to bad driving standards, Government not controlling, advertising safety driving, police enforcing road rules..Even the Police drive around slow, block lanes as they on the mobile,,,they never impose any rules. I see out my window everyday, cars hitting each other,blocking roads, driving in wrong lanes, while police sitting watching don’t have a clue how to drive themselves. If they want to stop accidents and raise money, ban chatting on mobile while driving,,create less accidents and millions in money, and it will increase better driving standards…Common sense.

    • I still think they need to license the e-bikes. Half of the reason some of these guys drive the way they do is simply because they have no accountability. As soon as they find out they can get caught and locked up for hitting someone on a sidewalk doing 40km/h they will think twice about the rules.

  3. Seems to me electric bikes are an environmentally friendly way to get around. If the are licenses, are only able to drive in non-pedestrian areas and generally are regulated, no reason for an outright ban.

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