Favorite things to do in Shenzhen

Favorite things to do in ShenzhenHave you been shot by a water gun in the eye? If you did, you should read what happen to me after I got shot in the eye. On June 10, 2010, the last day of school. My friend Max invited me, Victor, and Jung Hyun to the SIS Pool. We ate some food and got some energy, before finding 5 awesome water guns in the pool. We split the teams into two and it was Max and I versus Jung Hyun and Victor. The Water gun war was exciting but our team was losing because the rules were if you fall in the water after you got shot the other team gets a point. So the score was 2 – 13.

Then one of my classmates came. He joined our team and we started to catch up. Taro was adding water to his water gun and I was going to shoot Victor with it but Jung Hyun shot me in the eye. My left eye got red, so they subtracted 5 points. The score was now 29 – 25 and Max’s mother (Mrs. Fisch) said “It’s time for the brownie cake,” so my team cheered. That’s my favorite thing to do in Shenzhen, the Water Gun War. Even though the party was fun, I sunburnt my whole back because I swam for four hours.

And I also got a tummy ache because I ate the food and went in the swimming pool water right away. I felt dizzy but after I saw my friend, they said it’s going to be alright and that was the cure of the dizziness. The End

Submitted by: Chris Wong QSI Middle

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